Planning a corporate party? Read our guide on how to pull off a great evening to remember.

Planning a corporate party may seem overwhelming, particularly if you have an already busy day job. More often than not, corporate parties have a large guest list, tight budget and a short turnaround time. For this reason, corporate event planning requires experience, patience and time management.

Outsourcing the party to an event planner, like us, who can spend time on coming up with original ideas to wow your guests is the best way to enjoy a stress free and enjoyable event. However, if that is not an option, here are some of the key elements that should be considered to pull off a successful event:


The objectives of the party

Hosting an annual event for employees is a great way to boost morale amongst teams, show appreciation to key individuals and clients and create networking opportunities.

It is also an opportunity to include employee awards or reinforce your company brand values. It is important to be clear on what the key objectives are for the event and think of how these can be incorporated into the party planning for a consistent theme.


The Guest List

Will your party be exclusively for your employees? Will you want to invite clients and other external stakeholders? Will you be allowing guests to bring a plus 1? Factors such as budget and venue capacity need to be considered when deciding this.


Timing & Dates

The availability of venues will often dictate your party date, especially if you are planning a Christmas party or summer event during peak months. Thursdays are typical for corporate parties and are often the most favourable (particularly if a late start to work on the following Friday is given!)

For employee only events, kicking off when the office closes means guests can go straight to the event. This creates a group sense of involvement and we often arrange transport for the guests if it’s an external venue which builds the anticipation and excitement.



If you have a short turnaround for an event, consider your own office space. A lovely atrium or large conference room can be beautifully transformed by our team. If you are looking for a top venue in London – do consider starting planning early as demand is high.

Ensure you ask the venue about practical and logistical arrangements before booking with them to ensure you don’t end up with any surprises later on (such as minimum bar spend, set up and clear down times, early finishes etc).



Corporate events can range significantly in budget depending on a number of variables. The key is to ensure the event budget is established and approved early on and is realistic based on the event requirements. Thereafter, continual monitoring of the budget against spend is important.



Considering a theme upfront helps to consider the type of venue and location that is required. For example, hosting a party in Shoreditch would suit a cool contemporary nightclub theme. If hosting at Claridges, white tie and tiaras would fit perfectly.

In addition to the appropriateness of the venue, consider the décor you want within your event and whether branding is to be featured. Our décor team can transform any space and can come up with innovative ways to implement your brand across the event.



In our opinion – the music, ambience and bar staff, make or break an event! Ensure your entertainment fits with your theme and your guest list. Consider illusionists, performers, interactive cocktail bars, branded photobooths and luxury chocolate fountains to keep your guests amused throughout the evening?



Catering is another visual and sensual element of your event. Ensuring your guests have a great variety (and quantity) of food is a must! There are a range of options from bowl food to on-site grills, so the choice really is yours.


Be Innovative

Don’t feel restricted by what you have done in previous years. Feel free to play with different concepts and themes to deliver a memorable event. We often use mood boards to help bring out new and exciting ideas to life.

If you want to be the company that hosts the best Summer Party, or the company that makes Christmas by kicking off the season with an extravagant Christmas event, get in touch with us today.