Quarantine vs Date Night!

Although you may be spending more time with your partner than you have ever before, the stress of being couped up is likely to be anything other than romantic.

Making the effort to keep the spark alive is essential to keeping your relationship healthy and fresh. We have listed some suggestions to spice things up from the comfort of your own home once the kids are tucked up in bed.



A romantic dinner for two:


Why not turn your living room into your favourite restaurant, complete with candles and a home made 3 course menu of your favourite dishes.

This is a great excuse to do your hair, get dolled up, dust your make up bag off and squeeze into your little black dress (if it still fits!).





A ‘no distractions’ indoor picnic


It’s more than what you do, it’s about the energy in which you do it. Why not plan a cute picnic date on a blanket in the middle of your front room? Make it extra special with no phones allowed and no TV! Just you, your partner and some snacks. A great way to connect and talk.




Make a meal out of Breakfast in Bed


Before the kids wake up, why not steal an hour with your partner?  Before now, breakfast tends to be rushed or on the go. Why not switch things up by surprising your partner with breakfast in bed (just be careful not to leave crumbs in your bedsheets!)





Games night


Unleash your competitive nature with a games tournament. Card games, board games or even a karaoke sing off. Whatever your choice of game, be sure to bring your A game and decide on a fair prize before hand.




Challenge your partner to a cook off


Great British Bake Off – eat your heart out! Challenge your partner to a cook off based on ingredients in your cupboard and assign a time limit to make something edible. Award extra points for style and creativity and decide how you will judge the winner!






Tick off your movie bucket list


I know what you are thinking….all we do is watch tv now that we are at home. At whilst you may have been binge watching your favourite shows, there are still ways to make movie nigh special and fun.

Pick a movie you want to watch together, ideally something neither of you have seen. Pick a time, pick your movie snacks and a cheeky drink and put your phones away. Snuggle up and enjoy some time together.





Indoor Spa Day


Fancy a pamper session? Why not give each other some much needed TLC with some scented candles, massages, foot scrubs and some face masks if you have someone. Getting intimate and doing something different will keep you closer than ever.





Whatever you decide to do, take the time to enjoy your partner outside the day to day routine of home schooling, chores and keeping up with the news. If anything is to be taken from this distressing time, it is that family is worth more than anything.

Let us know what you think.