The Big 30

If you’re planning to host a birthday party to celebrate the end of your 20’s and the beginning of a new era, then here are some tips on how to throw an unforgettable celebration. When we think of turning 30, we think big, you must make a statement regardless of what type of party you decide to do.



You need to decide on your venue. Keep it casual with a backyard club or go luxurious with a cocktail lounge. Regardless of your choice make sure the venue matches your theme and style you envision. It’s also important that the venue is easily accessible for your nearest and dearest.



Your theme

Your 30th is a major milestone in your life, so you want to make it a party to remember.
Your theme is very important when getting prepared for your big day and can be one of the toughest decisions to make. It depends on your taste and personality. It gives you the ideas for your decor and allows your guests to know what attire they need to wear. There are so many themes to choose from. You can pick a time period, whether it be the 80’s, 90’s or the great Gatsby. A place such as a lively carnival, fun fair or beautiful country. You could even use the theme of a movie asking everyone to dress up like a famous character. Whatever you choose it will surely create a great vibe and fun for your guests as they get creative dressing to impress.





Once your theme is established the decor will hopefully be a lot easier to capture and style. It’s always great to try to add something unique and different. Why not add glamour and design your own prosecco bottle labels and personalise glasses, placing them on your own pimp my prosecco bar. You could get a Snapchat filter designed to match your theme for everyone to use throughout the party. Make sure your balloons enhance the theme and add a backdrop and cake table that has been tailored to add extra flair to the room.

If you decide to spend your 30th in a more intimate setting such as a private dinner in a restaurant. You can still make the event special and bespoke to reflect your character. Ensure you stick to a colour theme and add all the extra touches. You could customise your food menus by finding out what will be served from the restaurant and adding your own birthday message to them. Why not create favours that signify something everyone will know about you? Whether it be a jar of sweets with a custom-made label or an individualized glass for each guest. Fill the rooms with memories by putting together collages on the wall adding frames that match your theme and colour. You can add low centrepieces to the table as Well as charger plates and your own napkins with matching napkin rings.




Party invite

If you haven’t got all the finer details sorted for the big event why not consider sending a save the date and sending your official invites at least a month before so they can get prepare to find an outfit to suit the scene and make sure to incorporate fun phrases to match the theme of your choice.





If you are going to surprise a member of your family or friends with a big birthday party this can sometimes be exciting but a bit tough as there is a lot of pressure to design the perfect setting that represents the celebrant. Don’t forget you can always get an event planner to coordinate the events. We get mislead to think event planners are only for weddings, but they can do much more then that whether it be a birthday party, baby shower or christening. You can tell them a bit about the celebrant and be sure they will help you create something spectacular. Just make sure you start months in advance and don’t leave it last minute.




You can even plan some innovative party games to entertain everyone. Be sure that the games bring back memories of the celebrant to your guests. Whether it be a trivia game about your friend turning 30. Ask each guest to write down a story of the birthday boy/girl and everyone must guess who they think it was with or get each guest to create a meme about them and the best one wins. The games will get everyone participating and interacting with one another and be sure to break the ice between different groups of people.





Regardless of what type of party you decide to have, just be sure that it is special and significant for the celebrant, as you only turn 30 once. O.R. Butterfly events can help plan, design and coordinate the event if you are struggling and we will surely make it an occasion to remember.